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Orange Paper Airplane

Journey to the West - Are we there yet?

10/15/07 02:38 am - droiche - ODD's Saiyuki Fan Creations

M'kay. I'll make this easy for us all. I'm going to post this once and cross post the hell out of it. Please ignore the cross posts you see on your friends pages.

Title: Varies as per creation.
Author/Artist: ODD (Me)
Website: See under cut
Warnings: All are work safe except for CTS which is rated PG to R depending on the maturity level of the content in a given chapter and "Gojyo Needs A Dirty Woman" which features Gojyo's shower scene from Requiem.
Pairing(s): Some are het (Doku/Yaone for example). Some are Sanzo/me. The rest don't involve pairings. I don't do yaoi stuff. Ever.

Notes: The following is a list of links to the places where I keep my creations.

Directions to ODD's Saiyuki Fan CreationsCollapse )

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2/4/06 03:09 pm - yamsteapot - Saiyuki Reload

Picked up Saiyuki Reload volume 2 finally last night. I'm about halfway through it and just started musing over it. So far, there's been a lot of little fillers and whatnot, though they're still amusing. The first colored page is one of my favorites of all time. I particularly like the first actual page of the second volume, which I found certainly interesting and entertaining.

"Do you know what a doppelganger is?"

"Somethin' about a siren gettin' louder, right?"

". . . That's the Doppler Effect."

"It's that thing, right? Where they say they're three people in the world who look exactly like you."

"One person, Gojyo. And it's said that if you meet him, one of you will die."

"For real? Which one?"

"You, monkeybrain. The original always . . . wait."

"This is stupid and so are you."

That little filler gave me a chance to examine their new and old clothes (except Sanzo since he's still in his priestly clothing XD) and I think the only one I like better of the new is Hakkai's. Dunno why, I just dig the sleeves. Goku didn't have much of a change except his pant legs and shoes, kinda went grunge on us and Gojyo kinda looks like something out of a frontier movie. LOL But hey . . . this still look good. X3 I gotta dig up my Reload vol 1 scans. **purrs** I love Sanzo in his reading glasses. And it's hilarious when he tries Gojyo's cigarettes. LOL

Found a really awesome Saiyuki site! Check it out! They're got great images from all the art books. >3

And here's a place to download the Gaiden manga. Definitely worth it.

2/3/06 04:06 pm - yamsteapot - Introductory Post

Yo! And welcome to my Saiyuki comm! ^^
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