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Journey to the West - Are we there yet?

Saiyuki Community
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Hello there! Going West? Join the club! Possibly quite literally. ^^

This here is a community for the manga and anime called Saiyuki. If you don't know what that is, you probably just wouldn't be interested with this comm. XD

I myself am the moderator under the name Integral-sama, but you may call me Yaminah or Chaos, or whatever you know me as from before or through the grapevine. **shrugs** I created this community for fans like me who like to discuss the show and characters without all the wank. Of course, we like to have fun and make jokes, but we also like serious discussions. Also, I wanted to have a community that would ward off all the yaoi. Some people may find that rediculous, but hey, they get their own little places, we should have ours too, right? There are still fangirls out there that like their sexy men to be straight. XD

So with that said, here's a few things to consider when on the comm. Rather basic things and common courtesy. So not that bad.

-As said this is a non-yaoi community. You can like it, but just leave that stuff at the door please.

-Anything that should prove to be non-dialup friendly --icons, pictures, screengrabs, fanarts, etc-- need to be placed behind an LJ-cut. (How to do one is within the LJ FAQ, so please look there before asking.)

-Any form of spoilers also need to be placed behind an LJ-cut. If the warning is not already stated in the post, please do so on the LJ-cut. (Also can be found in the FAQ) Remember, LJ-cuts are your friiiiiends.

-Random insanity is lots of fun and we all do it when we're sleep deprived, or not. And I'm all for that, but at least try to stay on topic 95% of the time (Also try to start the post on topic, we can let it land-slide from there.) Of course, this is all for fun, but this community is also for serious discussions as well. Try to keep things at reasonable seriousness unless it was meant to be a joke in the first place (obviously). Refrain from drooling fangirlish antics (though that may be hard with all the increadible bishies in this series) and excessive 1337 and other computer lingo and utterly digusting improper grammar. Bad English makes me cryyyy~

-Language people. I don't think it's that hard to keep it at moderation. I trust anyone that's let in can hold their tongue. Yeah, one'll slip out now and then. Basically, I'm saying that it shouldn't every other freakin' word. Also, just as a matter of preferance and that of some of my friend, avoid the f-bomb. That means just don't do it. --.--

-This is a hentai free zone! That also means no NC-17 fanfiction. And non-yaoi would mean no incest in this series, but I'll state it again. No incest!! Thank you.

-Preferably, any fanfiction should be provided by linkage rather than on the community. The acception will be songfics as FF.net no longer allows such things. **waves fist at evil tyrants**

-No bashing of characters. Remember, everyone has the right to be wrong. Disagreements happen, but that doesn't mean everyone has get all screamy and bitchy about it. Handle things civily. I've never been one to follow the whole "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Though I do think that if you're going to insult someone, it's to be done in a civil manner and creatively.

-Failure to abide by the rules will result first in a warning, second time for extreme misbehavoir and neglect of the harsher rules (I think you can figure those out) will result in being banned. I'll give two warnings for some of the lesser things, but I really don't believe that'll be necissary. No exceptions will be made. By requesting membership you are stating that you have read this and will abide by the rules.

Trolls will be burned to a crisp in eternal damnation and banned immediately.